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"A vicenda" is a flexible, comprehensive communication- and culture-based program for intermediate Italian that develops communicative competence in all language skills and provides a solid review of grammar, all within the context of contemporary Italian culture and society. The themes of "A vicenda" reflect the concerns and priorities of today s Italy and Italians as part of the larger European Community, and the language students encounter in "A vicenda" is equally contemporary and up-to-date. The Five Cs of Foreign Language Learning Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities - are consistently woven throughout the "A vicenda" program. Together, all of these characteristics result in the most well-rounded and engaging intermediate Italian program available today.

"A vicenda" is a two-volume program. "A vicenda: Lingua" is the core volume, and focuses primarily on language acquisition and the development of all four language skills. "A vicenda: Cultura" is the companion volume, and it offers authentic excerpts from newspapers and magazines, narrative texts, poetry, and author-written texts, accompanied by reading strategies and activities, as well as additional vocabulary development and language practice.

Instructors can use both volumes or only one, depending on the goals of their course and the number of contact hours they have with students."

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